2019 refresher training available.

When: Starting Feb 18th

Where: Nashville State School

Time: 4pm - 5pm

What/How: Beryl (our Umpire assistant) will test your knowledge of what you actually know of the game. She will run through the rules of the game as well as hand signals, positioning, posture and how to use the whistle effectively.

Everyone is welcome to this session whether you're a newbie or a returning umpiring.


Umpiring offers a great opportunity to be part of the netball environment and to develop an understanding of the game and the spirit in which it should be played. Without umpires matches could not be played. The PRNA offer opportunities and pathways for umpires; various umpiring courses, seminars, exams, coaching and matches are available for all levels, from beginners to experienced umpires.

Players, spectators, parents, coaches and umpires are encouraged to attend courses to provide an understanding of the game. Both males and females are encouraged to develop umpiring skills. PRNA and BNA offer the Junior Umpiring courses throughout the year.

All players, spectators, parents, coaches and administrators need to be aware of the appropriate "codes of conduct‟ that are acceptable. Abuse of officials is not acceptable and will not be tolerated at any level.

Please Respect the Umpires

Umpiring is a very difficult job and requires a great deal of focus during the game. Please do not question a call or even seek an explanation of a call during the game itself. Instead, you should save your question until the break.

If approached during breaks, most umpires will be very happy to explain the infringement and why they ruled the way they did. Also note that umpires will not argue about whether or not an infringement actually occurred. As an example, if an umpire calls contact or obstruction there is no argument to be had. If there is a problem with the game (spectators or players) then the umpire can request either the manager or coach of the team to alert the Association Umpire Convener who will then assist the umpire. The umpire's decision is final.

Umpiring Uniform

Umpires are required to wear the correct umpiring uniform when umpiring all games at PRNA. Please be sure to wear your correct uniform each umpiring duty.

Badged umpires are to wear PRNA shirt and black skirt/ skort upon receiving their badge.
The correct Senior umpiring uniform is: – white skirt /skort – white shirt – white visor – training shoes (no thongs).
Junior or developing umpires are required to wear their Sandgate Hawks umpire shirt or PRNA development shirt and white skirt/ skort.

Online Testing

There is an Online Umpiring Test on the Netball Australia or Netball Queensland site. You will need to register and login to the portal to complete the test.