2019 Sandgate Hawks Winter Season Netball Teams

2019 Team Lists and Training Times are now available. Lists can be accessed via the TeamApp Team Listings page

Please note lists are not available for public viewing and members must have signed up and logged into TeamApp to be able to access the list.


Grading and Team Selection

To ensure players are participating in a competition that is both challenging and enjoyable teams are assessed by Sandgate Hawk's grading officers according to the Club Policy to determine the appropriate division level. Where there is more than 1 team for a given grade individual players will be assessed on their demonstrated skill level to determine their appropriate team division.

A second level of grading occurs by the Pine Rivers Netball Association following week 4 of the season. This involves teams being reallocated to a division that is in line with their performance over the first 4 weeks of competitive competition. This may involve team moving up or down a division or remaining in the division recommended by the Sandgate Hawks grading officers.

For further information please refer to our Club Grading and Team Selection Policy.